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H.C.C. International LTD has around 200 employees at the moment, Has 10 automatic SMT chip processing production lines and 10 professional DIP plug-in production lines, With a daily average production capacity of 5 million points.

SMT/DIP workshop and equipment displaying:



SMT sample displaying


SMT business field:

SMT for prototyping and mass production

SMT capabilities:

SMT projectcapability
Largest board310mm*410mm(SMT)
Maximum thickness3mm
Minimum plate thickness0.5mm
Minimum Chip Parts0402 package or parts above 0.6mm*0.3mm
Maximum SMT part weight150g
Maximum part height25mm
Maximum part size150mm*150mm
Minimum pin space0.3mm
Minimum spherical part (BGA) space0.3mm
Minimum spherical part (BGA) diameter0.3mm
Maximum SMT accuracy (100QFP)25um@IPC
SMT Capacity3-4 million points / day

SMT pricing reference page [SMT pricing], for specific quotation we will have to consult to engineers for file analysis.

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