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H.C.C. INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. is a one-stop service provider of PCB production, SMT, component purchasing and functional test. Generally, we provide OEM services for PCB and assembly.

PCB assembly

H.C.C. has two production plants, PCB and PCBA, to undertake PCB assembly services.

PCBA means PCB assembly, PCB + electronic components procurement + SMT + DIP + PCBA test + packaging

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H.C.C. International LTD has around 200 employees at the moment, Has 10 automatic SMT chip processing production lines and 10 professional DIP plug-in production lines, With a daily average production capacity of 5 million points.

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H.C.C. international LTD.provides OEM services for finished assembly. H.C.C. has OEM experience in finished assembly more than 10 years. We have strict IQC incoming inspection, IPQC process inspection and OQA factory inspection to ensure high quality and high standard for products!

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